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The place of the "Undo" and "New Game" buttons was changed after I noticed that I'm clicking the "New Game" button accidentally.

How to play 2048 with UNDO: Use the arrow keys on the keyboard of your computer or swipe in all four directions within the field on your smartphone. The occupied cells will be rushed to the empty cells in the particular direction. If two cells with the same value touch during the process, they will be merged into a single cell and their value will be summed.

The goal of the game is to reach a state where the value of one of the cells is 2048. The game is mobile friendly. You can play it on your computer and in the browser of your smartphone. Tips how to play efficiently are available here.

It includes an unlimited UNDO, so that you can win more often. The game saves its state in a cookie. Even if you close your browser and reopen it later on the same computer, you will be returned exactly where you've left.

Update: Actually, the above statement has to be revised a bit. The Undo steps are saved in the local storage of the browser and it has its limits. The game allows to play well past reaching 2048. If you reach a few tens of thousands of moves, then the local storage database of undo moves gets filled up and the game stalls. That's why I was forced to set a limit of 1000 undo entries in order to avoid this issue. This should be enough to get you out of trouble without risking to stall the game.

The game was originally developed by Gabriele Cirulli as a weekend project. It is inspired by the games Threes! and Veewo Studios' app 1024. The guy was 19 years old when he wrote this game. 19 years! Makes you think what have you achieved in life so far. Anyway, enjoy.

This particular version was modified by NITIN PATHAK:

He added the UNDO option and the session preservation. The source code can be downloaded from his GitHub page at

The source of the original game by Gabriele Cirulli is available here:

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